Thank you for visiting Real eCig. If you are a smoker, you are about to make the best decision for your health in your entire life. Quit paying to  inhale toxic chemicals. With electric cigarettes you cut out all of the tar, nearly all of the carcinogens and carbon-monoxide as well as the thousands of other chemicals. Electric cigarettes truly are the future of smoking tobacco, who wants to inhale stuff like carbon-monoxide, tar and 4000 other toxic chemicals on purpose when all we really want is the nicotine? We even pay our hard earned cash to kill ourselves very slowly.

It is a fact that smoking tobacco is directly linked to over 400,000  premature deaths in the United States alone every year, by now probably every person in America has been directly affected in one way or another by tobacco smoking, either the loss of a loved one or being personally afflicted with some tobacco related illness.

Tobacco smoking is now a thing of the past! Don’t throw away your hard earned cash on thousands of toxic chemicals that will eventually make you ill and even cause your death. You can continue to smoke almost like you normally do while significantly reducing the amount of chemicals you inhale.

Electric cigarettes really do feel like you are smoking an ordinary cigarette, you can feel the smoke going into your lungs and feel the nicotine and if you choose tobacco flavor it even tastes just like a real cigarette. (There are dozens of amazing flavors to choose from.) The only differences are that there is no tar, no lighters, no ashtrays,  no butts or litter, no fire hazard, no bad smell in your clothes, hair or home , no bad breath, no stained teeth or fingers, no second-hand-smoke and no bans in public places. Electric smoking literally removes nearly all of the bad things about smoking while keeping all of  the things you love about smoking.

Electric cigarettes really are a revolution for the world of smoking. There has probably never been an invention in the history of mankind that will actually save more lives than the electric vaporizing cigarette.

We encourage you to add your review of your favorite eCigarette products, we have tried to post products from pretty much all of the different eCigarette companies that are available and we are actively adding products as fast as we can. We hope to be able to list every single product that has anything to do with ecigarettes or eSmoking so that you can make an informed decision about which eCigarette product you would like to buy.

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A Very Easy Way To ReFill Green Smoke Or Any Other Cartomizer refill 01 video screenshot  A Very Easy Way To Re-Fill Green Smoke Or Any Other Cartomizer

This is a short video clip that shows you the easiest way that I have ever seen to re-fill your empty electric cigarette cartridges. This method will work with any brand of empty cartomizers. Green Smoke, Premium, Smoke 51, or E-Smoke Brand. All of these brands are very high quality. We won’t list or endorse any product that does not meet the highest standards. Try out this Cart filling technique the next time you need to fill your ecigarette cartridge.

Earn An Income For Quitting Smoking e cover black  Earn An Income While Quitting Smoking With No Withdraw!
Would You Like To STOP Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes & Make Some Cash While Doing It? Well Now You Can with The FREE Killer Cash Toolkit Giveaway Of: Green Smoke – The Butt Stops Here!

Download this 100% FREE e-book and learn how you can break the shackles of tobacco addiction very easily, save thousands of dollars every year simply by not buying expensive toxic tobacco products anymore. You won’t believe how easy it is to permanently throw away your craving ..read more


I discovered the world of electric cigarettes about six months ago. I had been searching for something similar to this for years now. I knew that you could get a nicotine vaporizor by prescription from your doctor in order to quit smoking. I always thought that a vaporizor of some kind would be the way to go because you can puff on it anywhere, there is no second-hand-smoke and none of the carcinogens that are found in tobacco smoke. It ..read more


I get a lot of emails asking me about which brands and styles of electric cigarettes are compatible. Can you use a battery from brand “A” on a cartomizer or atomizer of brand “B”? In this article I will try to outline some of the brands that I know to be compatible. Please feel free to post a comment if I have missed anything or mistaken anything.

The E-9 Style or Two Piece Designs


The E-9 style is one of the most ..read more

American Association of Public Health Physicians writes on behalf of Electronic Cigarettes to the FDA fda 350  American Association of Public Health Physicians writes on behalf of Electronic Cigarettes to the FDA

For the past half century, the American Association of Public Health Physicians (AAPHP) has served as the national voice of physician directors of state and local health departments and other like-minded physicians. We have long been involved with tobacco control, with the singular goal of doing everything in our power to reduce tobacco related illness and death.

As you assume leadership of the new FDA Center for Tobacco Products, we urge you to consider the actions FDA can take, within the ..read more

Anti Ecig Legislation From The State Of New York Is A Death Sentance For Smokers nysenate  Anti Ecig Legislation From The State Of New York Is A Death Sentence For Smokers
A9529: Prohibits the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors and items not defined as a tobacco product or approved by the FDA as a tobacco use cessation or harm reduction

Sponsor: Rosenthal (MS) Co-sponsor(s): Titone, Englebright, Maisel, Fields, Galef, Miller M, Castro, Benjamin, Jaffee Committee: HEALTH Law Section: Public Health Law A9529 Summary Prohibits the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors; prohibits distribution or sale of any item containing or delivering nicotine that is not defined by law as a tobacco product or approved by the ..read more