American Association of Public Health Physicians writes on behalf of Electronic Cigarettes to the FDA fda 350  American Association of Public Health Physicians writes on behalf of Electronic Cigarettes to the FDA

For the past half century, the American Association of Public Health Physicians (AAPHP) has served as the national voice of physician directors of state and local health departments and other like-minded physicians. We have long been involved with tobacco control, with the singular goal of doing everything in our power to reduce tobacco related illness and death.

As you assume leadership of the new FDA Center for Tobacco Products, we urge you to consider the actions FDA can take, within the more

Ecigarettes Are A Very Smart Choice For All Smokers Screenshot fox news  Ecigarettes Are A Very Smart Choice For All Smokers!

Greg Mullins is like most smokers, the oral fixation of lighting up eases tension.

Mullins said his addiction was so bad that he smoked about 30 cigarettes a day.

“I would wake up some morning coughing up blood. Not think twice about it, light up another Newport. Just part of the addiction, you know,” Mullins told FOX 13.

But that all changed five months ago, when Mullins discovered a tobacco free electronic cigarette.

“I couldn’t smoke in my car. I couldn’t smoke in my more

Interview with Dr Joel Nitzkin About Ecigarettes jln portrait 02042000  Interview with Dr Joel Nitzkin About Ecigarettes

Dr Joel Nitzkin, Chair of the Tobacco Control Task Force for the American Association of Public Health Physicians, gives us his expert opinion on the electronic cigarette.

ECD: You have stated that based on available research e-cigarettes are far safer than cigarettes. How much safer are they, and how sure can we be of their relative safety?

Dr Nitzkin: There is no research per se on e cigarettes. The safety information we have is on the delivery of nicotine for nicotine cessation more

An Interview with Professor Michael Siegel siegelm  An Interview with Professor Michael Siegel

This is an interview conducted by Electronic Cigarettes Direct, a United Kingdom ecig distributor, With Doctor Michael Siegel. We thank ECD very much for allowing us to share this valuable information with the world!

Michael is a doctor, a professor, an enthusiastic supporter of tobacco harm reduction and a tireless exposer of tobacco myths that many of us e-smokers look up to in awe. We are very grateful to Michael for sparing us the time for this interview. If you would more

Message from the president of the ECA default  Message from the president of the ECA

This is a message from Matt Salmon, the president of the Electronic Cigarette Associaltion.


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — As more cities ban smoking in restaurants and bars, there is a newer product to the United States that makers claim you can still smoke indoors. It’s under fire from cities across the country, the Food and Drug Administration and a metro parent.

If you’ve been to the mall lately, you may have seen a kiosk selling electronic cigarettes. We’ve found the kiosks at Independence Center and Oak Park mall.

If you walk past the kiosk at Oak more


As the debate heats up concerning the use of electronic cigarettes, Electronic Cigarette Association (ECA) President Matt Salmon today encouraged those involved in this discussion to carefully and honestly study how these devices work and recognize that the more than one million adult committed smokers, who use electronic cigarettes, are seeking an alternative to combustible cigarettes that contain a multitude of toxic, harmful chemicals.

The debate on these devices has intensified in recent months as events have fueled and focused attention on electronic cigarettes, including a front-page story more


James Watt, who is the Vice Chair of the Electronic Cigarette Association did a phone interview with Bill Cunningham on his radio show today. The interview was specifically about those who wish to include the electronic cigarette in smoking bans. You can use the audio player below to listen to the interview.

Transcript of October 26th, 2009 Interview of James Watt, ECA Vice Chair, on the Bill Cunningham Show on News Radio 700 WLW

BC is Bill Cunningham JW is James Watt

BC Let’s more


The Food and Drug Administration last month held a press conference warning people of what they claim are the potential health risks and harmful effects associated with electronic cigarettes. Unfortunately, the study was extremely narrow in scope and included only limited data, failing to include a scientifically significant sample of e-cigarette products on the market or their users. They also failed to acknowledge the efforts on the part of electronic cigarette suppliers in our association to market their products solely more